Friday, February 22, 2013

February is going to pass like a whoosh...

This is usually MY month.  I like it because it's full of promise.....yeah, you heard me.  January is recovery from the holidays.  February is the harbinger of the upcoming Spring.  It's like the 10 in a count down to one, full of anticipation.  You've got Valentines day, my wedding anniversary and this month is just full of anonymous "life" things that are coming to a resolution.  I've knee number two done and hips that are going to take on steroids like bounty towels wicking up a spill.   Nurses and therapists are showing up here quickly and I must be feeling better as I'd like them to disappear.

This painting has something to do with my musical choice
(Hint - Hint)
 February is going to blur on past and then spring will be here with flowers, a renewal of spirit and a great  year to come.  THIS February is about closure, renewal and growth, and of great things to come.  February has always been a good month for me but this one - - - well, it's going to be sweet.

Now do I sound excited, or what?

The surgery took precious work time from the Music Challenge - ACK!  And I am loving this challenge.   I've selected my music.  I'm not going to tell you what it is yet but I'll tell you how I forged ahead to make a decision.

First - so much music and so little time.  I like classical music but spend very little time listening to it.  I actually spend very little time listening to any music lately - although I am not sure as to why that is.  Maybe I need a sweet child to load my MP3 full of interesting things to listen to while I work.  I wonder who I could enlist to do that for me.  Okay, bad case of wandering thoughts here...

Another visual hint at the music I've chosen for my inspiration.
I immediately narrowed the field by wanting something classical.  Since I am no good at remembering the titles of songs whether contemporary or classical I decided to cut to the chase as fast as possible and Googled, Top 100 Classical Instrumentals.  In that google I came across this list from Kickass, of Best 100 Popular Classical Music.  Now, I have to tell you - this is some freekin' list.  I am so excited about this list.  On the list are not only the composers of the piece but info and a small musical excert to listen to.  I spent an entire evening listening to those passages.  I nearly drove DH to another room since I'd stop continually to have him listen to one with me and then rave on about the fact it was composed in 1892 or some other obscure fact I was dumb founded about.  Then there were the classical pieces you've heard a hundred times and not even realized they were over a hundred years old.  Wow -  and I mean just mean wow because there isn't any other descriptive word that can cover a topic that has more arms than an octopus.

Erin's challenge has definitely tripped a trigger here.

I've made my choice in music.  I will link it on the blog hop so you can listen to it too.  Tomorrow I will start posting some drawings this music inspired.  I started as large as the music I chose. When I closed my eyes it made me feel like I was dancing in a huge Tim Burton dance hall, but as the time frame narrowed so did my drawings.  I'm drawn more than I can explain to the original concept but the realization of my physical limitations has hit.  In fact the moment I forget my knee was cut out and replaced by some beautiful titanium spikes (on February 11th) the throbbing pain catches up or a physical therapist shows up on my doorstep.  Kill joys! 


Maplegirl said...

Will be watching to see and hear your final creation. Andrea

Lela said...

Well yes it is going to whoosh...since it's already the 23rd. ;)

Looking forward to your music challenge piece.

Jean A. Wells said...

You really do know how to build a mystery. I'm so glad you are doing better. Your clues are really no clues for me at

Martin Cox said...

Wow!!! Awesome cartoon collection.... Keep up, i will wait to see your next creation baby.

Katherine M. King said...

So nice and looking excellent , thanks .