Monday, February 18, 2013

Mail Call -

Goodies in the mail.  A good friend (Susan Lambert) turned me on to Zappos’.  Like am I about the slowest person on the planet to “get” this stuff….YES!  My feet are as wide as they are long, which just about sums up most of me but finding shoes just isn’t easy.  Susan turned me on to Keen’s which I adore for their quirkiness and fit.  I buy a men’s shoe in those to get the width and they wear like iron – love them.  But they just won’t cut it for more formal occasions so I needed some dress shoes.  Susan to the rescue.  She not only sent me the info but picked several out and attached them to the email.  That’s my gal – thank you.
I also ordered some unmentionables (actually just slips) from Amazon of all places.  No, no photos of those…..LOL

But most importantly and more fun are the art goodies. I received two totally cool packages.  One’s origin was a total surprise.  I didn’t pay attention to the fact that the Etsy seller was from Russia – The Ukraine to be exact.  Cool stuff in there.  I so wanted this postcard with this cherub looking face on it and then I got 20 great sheets of Mica and a key hole that will be the basis of some interesting work.  The bonus package of the day was from Allegory Gallery (Andrew Thornton’s great place in PA).  I do hope someday to attend a class there.  He’s such a nice person.  I just love Milagros. They are just a favorite of mine and they were having a sale at Allegory so I picked some up.  I can’t wait to put them on some earrings.  I have some plans – can you hear the wheels spinning?  Both of these wonderful places sent their packages all decked out.  The ONLY place I’ve ever experienced that does that – Nordstroms.
So there it is – order from Etsy or Nordstroms and you get these surprises – a joy of opening a well packaged product (kind of the thrill of Christmas).  And, thank you SO much Andrew for the surprise gift.  Check out Allergory Gallery HERE.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I started this post before surgery and now I'm finally finishing it.  Just prior to surgery I ordered Socklady socks in a bulk order from Robin at Foster Fire, via Lampwork etc.  Now I have some the fanciest ankles in town.  And if you never seen the whole collection of Socklady Socks just check them out HERE

Then there are the Kuchi from various vendors...including Mary Tafoya (who I have always admired) - I'll be using those up in earrings and things over the next couple of months.

What could be more exciting than goodies in the mail?


Biber said...

Hi how do you do? Your blog collections are too much awesome and celestial. In fact you are so wise and erudite....

Lela said...

Nothing beats a few goodies in the mail. OH and I do love Zappos! Can't beat free shipping both ways.

rosebud101 said...

I love mail call!!! You scored!!!!!

Deb said...

And how behind am I??? Sorry to hear about the need for surgery Sharon - but pleased that you've had it done & are now well & truly on the mend!

My gosh I LOVE those socks, the story behind them & the whole idea mismatched "pairs"!! You might have started something here....

Zazppo's - *sob* I can only dream...& boy have I dreamed for the last few years since discovering that website. Alas they don't send internationally (bah humbug!). Of course they do if you happen to be in the US Military & stationed overseas - which can work to a foreigners advantage if they are stationed on a US Base in Afghanistan. You can imagine how *thrilled* I was when the youngest son started spouting off about his Zappos boot & sports shoe purchases from Bagram...can't you???