Friday, February 8, 2013

MetalWerks, here we come!

The first earrings are ready to go and I've listed them on Etsy.  MetalWerks is back in business.  It will be a slow start as the knee surgery is scheduled for February 11th, slowly and surely I'll get the pages filled with jewelry.  One step at a time - LOL (it's going to apply to so many things this month).  That one step will about all I can take anyway.  Maybe I can make a sculpture out of that walker after surgery....never doubt a cleaver woman.

So here is what is being listed.  I hope every one enjoys my variation in style.  I'm taking the lampwork, tin, some assorted metal skills, semi-precious gems, and mixing it up.   Everything contains handmade sterling silver earring wire - full hard or spring wire (as it's sometimes called) this gives you that normal twang to the wire that keeps it from bending out of shape.  All the wires have been hand formed to the design so the pieces will swing freely on your ear.


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Jean A. Wells said...

Beautiful work! Just beautiful!