Saturday, June 15, 2013

Class Projects from B&B

My piece from Richard Salley's class "Double Hinged Pendant"

My pieces from Salley's "Making An Impression" class.
Two of the classes I took at B&B were from Richard Salley. I had some great results in those classes. I love the pieces I made while I was there. I learned both how to stamp with StazOn Ink and how to use PNP paper to create etchings. I kind of had the basics and have etched many times before but I've never used either of those products. Mostly I've just drawn with a sharpie marker and then etched. The process was interesting, fun, and the results couldn't be beat.

The first piece with 'the eye' is etched on the outside - the doors close and you see the etching front and back.  Here we used the StazOn and stamped it.  We etched, we sawed, we hammered, soldered, riveted, and so on.  It's a fun piece with a ton of techniques to try.  Another thing I'd never used before is what I call stained glass solder - it's a silver bearing solder but very "low tech" and apparently extremely useful.  Who'd of thunk it? We used it in both classes.

The second set is from the "Making An Impression class".  We made PNP etched pieces and turned them into simple stamps.  How wonderful is that?  After that we learned to heat the low tech solder and stamp it while it was molten to add some distinction to the surface of the metal we were working with.   Again - pretty darn cool process.  I can't say my second piece turned out all that well (I'm not fond of my design choices) but the technique and the possibilities with this are totally wonderfully cool.   Am I excited?  Absolutely. 

Would I recommend a Richard Salley class - Oh hell yes.


rosebud101 said...

Wow!!! Sharon!!!! You did great!!!!! Get skype up and running so we can chat and I can see those "in person."

Lela said...

Well, I second the WOW! I love etching...and everything you're showing there is SO VERY COOL!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Thanks you's a double WOW. I've not taken a whole lot of time to etch before and I have to say that probably won't be case anymore. I definitely had a good time!