Monday, June 24, 2013

Hannah Rosner - my Sunday teacher at Bead and Button

Last but only chronologically to this series of posts is the great class I took with Hannah Rosner of Good River Gallery on Sunday at Bead and Button.  Man oh man, did I ever feel like I hit the jackpot of teachers this year....let the good times roll. 

I've met Hannah before - not only at B&B last year but because we are both lampworkers.  We both were part of Jeri Warhaftig's focus group for Jeri's book Creating Glass Beads so we all communicated with one another while the book was being created.  Hannah is an incredibly skilled  lampworker and like me is finding ways to use that lampwork in a variety of ways.  Hannah also has a background in working with seed beads and bead embroidery.  But unlike me Hannah has now pushed that to it's limits and has created some large and incredible necklaces not unlike the great works pictured in the Bead Dreams photos of the last post.  I have seen several of Hannah's works in that very competition and wish I had one to share here but didn't get to all the cases due to light restrictions, etc.  For a much larger view and a collection of Hannah's extensive talent please go to her Etsy site HERE or her web site HERE.  Not only can you see the scope of her work she also has lessons and kits....even free tips.

Neptune's Tail by Hannah Rosner

Hannah presented a class on working with soutache braid within the realm of bead embroidery.  She's a skilled instructor and took a ton of precautions to make sure the class went off without a hitch and that our focus was on using the braid.  To this end she even had done the preliminary work, peyote stitching around a rivoli, and we only had to zipper the piece around the rivoli and begin our lessons with the braid.  What fun and how fast beading with soutache can go - a whole lot faster than with beads alone.

These are Hannah's bracelets and what we were shooting for in our lesson.

There were ladies within the class who never made a misstep and were very nearly done with their pieces.  I am not that fast since I don't work with beads as much as I used to but I certainly know where I am going with this and it won't take me long once I sit down and just do it. 

Hannah will be teaching at "The Gathering" in July and has a pretty full teaching schedule this year so if you visit her site I'm sure you can quickly catch up with a class or pick up a kit and learn this interesting technique.  For me it's great lap work while the TV is running so I couldn't wait for my lesson - and Hannah did not disappoint!

This is my piece in the last photo - really, it won't take me long from here - I just need to pick up the needle and go for it.  As you can see - I really enjoyed working with the braid and I can't wait to mix this with some lampwork beads.  This wont be my last soutache braid - for sure!

My unfinished braid.  I was going to go for a cuff but I think I'll go soft bracelet now.

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Doing that kind of intricate work would make me nuts.....well, more nuts.