Friday, June 14, 2013

Unpacking some of the First B&B Goodies - Color Me This Patinas

I guess I am beginning to recover.  All of my B&B purchases are on a portable work table.  It’s pretty much a disaster as I’ve been unpacking, washing, and trying very hard to get a “bad kitty” situation under control.  It seems I am making progress and can take a little break to begin blogging again.  Let’s hope so! 
First I’d like to mention my wonderful roommates.  I roomed with Linda Dana, Dorra Bost, and Lisa Liddy.  I’ve got to tell you – you couldn’t find a better group to room with, although I’ll admit to also missing three others who weren’t able to attend this year.  Between Dorra, Linda, and I I think we pretty much had the classes covered.  Linda was deep into Robyn Cornelius and Joe Silvera classes, Dorra loves very precise work and took Keum Boo and Niobium classes.  I went for Linda Larsen, Richard Salley, and Hannah Rosner (me being the “I want to try it all” person in the group and I love bead embroidery).  Lisa was busy on the show floor since she is the artist behind Metal Me This…and the creator of Color Me This and was a vendor at the show. 
Bead caps with Color Me This patinas - Aren't they just awesome!

Mendi style etched design on a Toggle
It's really hard to make a decision on which color pack to choose.  And yikes - Lisa was planning even more of them while we were at the show.  For a person who loves color this isn't any easy choice.
I purchased some of Lisa’s great etched sheets to use in some pieces and a set of her colors to patina the metals.  Have you seen this product yet?  Lisa makes bead caps, bracelets, and “you name it” in the jewelry line since it looks like the sky is the limit on this.   You can also purchase freshly etched sheets/ pre-colored etched sheets/ and just the patinas if you'd prefer.  I really can’t see where you couldn’t use this for any of your metal creations.  All you need is imagination – and that is something Lisa certainly doesn’t lack. You can click on the store names to get to Lisa’s site then you can check it out beyond my meager shout out here on this blog.
As soon as I get going on some projects I’ll post the results because I’m really looking forward to using this.  Can you just see the etched metal bead caps (with matching patina) on my beads?  I sure can – and lots more!

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