Thursday, May 1, 2014

I've been drawing and drawing for the Bead Soup Blog Hop.

What Shannon (Miss Fickle Media) didn't realize was that she gave me a challenge of the first order without even knowing it, blue's aren't exactly my color.  I'm a warm red - orange - kind of girl.  then, there is the shape - Hmmmmmm.

I love the pieces - the color the material (clay - pearls - silver).  The artist who made the pieces is a divine person and artist.  How can you go wrong with that....I was given Melanie Book's ceramic pieces and an absolute pile of pearls to match and Shannon's hand wrought silver.  Not just a piece or two but and small handful full of it.  I did many a happy dance.

After I looked at the pendant I was in shock.  It's a house.   It's not just any house.  It's MY house.  Well, my house isn't luscious blue/ brown and raku-ish but the shape is unmistakable..  It's a hard shape to miss in a neighborhood.  It's a saltbox style house.  We aren't a big house but we are tall and have lots of open ceilings and sunlight.

I'm working fairly fast on the actual piece now but I drew out plenty of drawings - this is one of the pages and since the finished idea isn't totally represented on these pages I thought I'd let you go ahead and look at how I process these challenges.
My ceramic piece evoked those feelings so quickly I just had to go with the "Home Sweet Home" theme.

This is about as far as I can take you through the process for now so I do hope you will all stop  by on Saturday (we are postponed until May 10th - oh thank goodness!) and take a look at what I've completed for the hop.  There are over 500 members hopping around this year - what an incredible amount of willing and wonderful artists.  
So while you are hopping around and get to Lori's don't forget to tell her what a wonderful person she is...because that is oh so true.  Lori has also lent her assistance to Daisy's problem with her hips.  Now think about that!  With that is going on in the Anderson household (Lori fighting Lyme disease with all of her strength/ being in the hospital/ being in bed/ being in flux with her life) she took the time to read our family story - she responded to me personally - made a donation and then took the time (while ill) to pass the information on via Facebook.  There are many people in the world like Lori - and Mallory Hoffman, Jean Wells, Mary Ransom, and so many many more that I know I am forgetting so many names to put here. Forgive me if I've forgotten to add yours.

They've taken time - money - they've cheerlead me around so I could post in more places....and they've all reposted many times when I have been stalled. I feel confident that Daisy is going to get this hip and that she has gained an extended family of animal lovers from around the world.  She's a lucky pup and we feel blessed - truly blessed.

Sleepy girl resting on the recliner...she loves the recliner.  Home Sweet Home :-)
Back to work on my project - I'll get it - I promise.

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