Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bead Soup Is Coming...

I've been working my little butt off getting my pieces ready and I thought you might like to see what I did.  First, I couldn't sleep last night - really, it was a total loss.  I was up until 5:30 am.  I wasn't obsessing about anything but when I get a lot of creative things on my mind I really have a problem turning off the juice to my neurons.  How about you - does that happen to you too? It really begins to run amuck up there in my head - but at least it was productive and I'm sure I'll sleep like a baby tomorrow  This is my 3am drawing spree and a set of earrings that came out of it all.  They're for the Bead Soup Blog Hop.  Looking good, huh?  Sorry, they'll have to stay as scrambled as my poor brain was last night until Saturday's reveal but they'll be worth the wait.  They're in that drawing....really they are.

It's like it's written in Sharon shorthand - LOL

It will make a lot more sense on Saturday's reveal when you can go back and see which piece looks like which drawing - hahahaha.   Right now it's pretty cryptic but you'll see the method in my madness.  I was wondering how you decide on your jewelry details.  Do you draw it out, just go for it, what's the preferred work method?  You can kind of see what I do - The squares represent the ceramic squares by Melanie Brooks that Shannon sent.  I kept drawing the square with the intention of decorating each one and then inspiration hit and off it went.  I do that frequently - redraw the shape of something in repetition and if an idea doesn't hit I go back and start decorating the drawings with possibilities.  And mostly then an idea will hit and it won't fit into the doodles and I'll be all over the page.  You're seeing the pattern in my scribbles, right?  All of my drawings kind of look like this, in a way.  Scribbles and notes to myself....I wonder what this is all a sign of and if I gave all of my drawing books to a psychologist what they'd make of it all.  Probably sincerely nothing but if they'd discover some secret super power it would make my day.  Uh, maybe I have to quit watching Marvel, Agents of Shield and get some sleep.

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