Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Daisy Day!

So what has Daisy been up to.  Mostly, laying around.  We took to her to my darling daughter and son-in-law's for an overnight stay so I could coddle my new grandbaby AJ.  The car trip - well, she doesn't travel as well as I would like.  She is obviously excited - almost insanely so.  My job is to keep her stable and quiet until we can accomplish surgery and recovery.  It's not like spitting in the wind with a retriever under a year old, but it's darn close I'll tell you.  After a car ride my arms hurt and I swear (each and every time) I'm going to find a better way to corral her.

Kate, DD, says - "Well, let's see if I can walk some of that energy off of her."  Their immediate yard is a small fenced area - smaller than Daisy is used to and comfortably deals with daily necessities.  She put on a short leash and took her for a walk to the back of her yard....think two block walk.  We thought it might go easy, it's grass/ flat/ no distractions.  Kate is experienced at dog handling.  She has Maverick (think Pitbull/ Bull Mastiff mix) and Penny (Pug/ Boston Terrier).  Kate can handle weight and speed.  It all looked great and Daisy took better to the leash than ever - little and no tug or pull, which puts terrible strain on her hips.  But dang - later that night the moaning began and we upped a single dosage of meds to curb the pain and possible inflammation we caused by that walk.   I'll say it - I felt like shit.  We are so careful to limit Daisy's play area.  We make sure she's got plenty of toys and chew things - anything that encourages brain play and fun without physical over exuberance.  It's a balancing act. 

Thank goodness one night was all it took and she was a-ok as soon as the dose hit and normal in the morning.  Whew!  No more long walks with Maverick, Penny, and Trudy.  Someday - just not yet.

What are we going to write about this time Mom?
In the meantime her and I will stick to writing this blog - she's getting pretty good at it.  Likes to look at the screen and then look up at me and give me a big slurp.  LOL, it makes me feel like I must have written something good.

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