Saturday, May 17, 2014

Murrini Magic - I hope.

I've been back at the torch but haven't exactly gotten the results I'd like to get.  I'd really like to make some honking big focal beads in an organic style but they're just not coming.   They will.  I pulled out some murrini to work with.  Some of these are by Lori and Kim.  They're fantastic murrini makers.  Personally I've always had a bit of trouble laying murrini down on a project - maybe I'm just to anal about it.  Jeri Warhaftig taught me a trick to get around this since all of my murrini end up looking squished.  She uses a flat lap and takes them down thinner.  It's hard to imagine murrini thinner than they are but it seems to work.  Here's the lap I'm using and my now less than a 1/16" thick murrini.  I'll post the results of this little experiment in a few days.

How do you deal with these slices of heaven?

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