Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fishing for Beads

So what do beads have to do with fishing? Actually, you can go into any good sporting goods store and find beads hooked to all kinds of fishing lures. Usually they're plastic and not very interesting but they're still beads. Over the past couple of days a friend referred me to Mike Conner of One Of A Kind Flies. He has a very interesting proposition. He makes these really great art flies but is tired of using the standard beads you find in the local bead store. He wants some "art" beads to go in his work. Tonight I made some beads meeting the parameters he gave me. Actually, he was pretty open to letting me work up some designs. He provided a nice photo of the colors he's going to use for the next one, a size variance and I was off and torching. Tomorrow I get to send him the photo!!!

You just never know who's going to need a bead. Maybe I should consider tying a few colorful beads next to the worm the next time I go fishing. Are fish color blind? Nah, they couldn't be, could they? I've been to Cabela's. There's a plethora of colorful lures to throw into the water and gheeze they couldn't be making them that pretty to attract the majority (male) of fishing lure shoppers. This is not a put down but I've never overheard a guy standing at the lure rack saying to his buddy, "Which one looks best, do you think I should get the green one or the blue one?" So if they're not making those colors to attract the buyers it's got to be the fish. Right? Okay, it's just female logic at work here but I do hope I made my beads pretty enough to go with his lures. They're really good. You've got to see the one he calls "Assassin" - looks very Ninja. He's nailed them, right down to the titles. You don't have to like to fish to enjoy interesting art with beads!


emeraldfairy02 said...

Hmm. That's a good present for Joel -- make his a fishing lure! ;) Beads + Fishing. Very interesting.

rosebud101 said...

Great idea, Sharon! Isn't it amazing where we can find beads?