Thursday, August 7, 2008

PUT your paws in the air, Fleabag!

Gotcha! Isn't that what the police say when they've got you "collared" for a crime? How about that for a segway into this post...quit laughing...

I was lucky enough to be added as a favorite to this great site for fancy pants doggie wear. They are all so cute and reasonably priced. And the site is by this really fun person who also rescues Greyhounds. We got to emailing and now I'm making some cute glass bones and paws for her work. You just never know where those beads will go next! I'm getting a great flowered collar for my darling golden retriever, Nellie. She retrieves nothing but doggie treats. Loves hairdriers and is allergic to cats and flea saliva. She also likes to stick her nose into flowers and sniff (diva!!). We have to keep prednesone, benadryl, and an Epi-pen around because she is soooooo allergic to bee stings. Now don't you think a princess like this ought to be wearing a floral collar. Me too!

Keep the torch hot! and check out some collars for your cuties at

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rosebud101 said...

What a great store, Sharon! Spike loves his bling, too! We should introduce our canines. I'm sure they'd get along!