Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Fifteen Minutes

Wow! All I can say is Wow! Okay, so you know me better than that if you are reading this blog. I am so so lucky to have friends in the beading world. I bet you are too! Mallory Hoffman contacted me about a week ago and asked if I would like to be interviewed for her blog. Are you kidding, I mean really, me?

Let's see...hhhmmmmm, YES! Of course. Could I be more emphatic about that, YES YES YES!

After agreeing to that, shyness set in. Uh, I don't do newsworthy things. I just cleaned behind my refrigerator (first time in like five years - ssshhhh, don't tell everyone!). But then I've been off work and recuperating so it seemed like a good thing to do at the time. Maybe I should take a poll, "When is the last time you cleaned behind your fridge?", then we'd know who the really compulsive cleaners are and we could tease them.

See how I am, nothing spectacular. Never saved the world and I don't have a cape. Although my oldest kids would tell you when Under Dog was popular I used to furl out my Chenille Robe and pretend I was Under Mother. There's no need to fear Under Mother's here! And I do have this habit of stopping in the busy road for ducks or for scooting turtles off the road so they don't get hit by the cars. I'm going to get rear ended one of these days.

Pretty mundane life, except for the Art and the friends. This brings us full circle to Mallory and that interview. We meet this past year. She's fun and enthusiastic, brings a lot to the plate when you talk about friendships. One of those people that brings out the best in you. How lucky am I!! I did the interview. It was fun and now I'm exposed for all the world to see. Yikes, I better go on a diet, save the world, get a new cape, and make a perfect bead! Maybe not in that order....

To read my "fifteen minutes" please go to Mallory's blog. In fact, you better bookmark it because she is faithfully logging away and it's fun to read. She is also a beadmaker (it's a union, we're strong, and organized so look out) so check her Etsy out for more great beadie goodies. I put in the click quick links for you! If you don't you'll be hearing from Guido, he puts orphan beads into socks and he's been known to clunk a few of the non-lampworking unfaithful. Go now, go quickly, and leave a comment too!

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