Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Road Trip Inspiration

Winter weather is fine – if you’re of the age or agility to enjoy a good sled ride. I think I’d still enjoy it but I’m sincerely assuming my body would stage a revolt if I did. So until the miracle of space age medical replacements comes I’ll have to settle for fun memories and a heated window seat to the action.

Driving in winter weather leaves much to be desired. It’s not like the sled ride although both can be done with copious amounts of screaming. Luckily, this road trip is being managed by my husband. The DH is a winter warrior with a penchant for XM radio and enough focus for two. That’s excellent because I can concentrate on other things – like relaxing – NOT!

I’d been reading Niche magazine for part of the drive. It’s interesting to look at crafts through a retailer’s perspective. It also keeps my mind off of the tail lights of other cars and those well practiced lungs of my sledding days. HAH!

Once the magazine was done, and trust me I lingered on it, I looked out through the windshield and saw what you’re seeing in that photo. Photoshop sharpened it a bit for me but when I first looked up my eyes were just a bit blurred.

What I saw was an organic focal bead – Grey blue, hints of heavy evergreen, opal yellow (or uranium dots) with bubbles, and maybe a trailing of very lightly silvered ivory or transparent smoke. Call it snow blindness, cabin fever, or a deep desire to be on that torch and not on that road trip but that bead is coming. Sooner or later (as an art teacher once told me) you keep putting all that visual information in your brain and it will eventually reach the tips of your fingers. In one form or another I think every art instructor I’ve ever had that was into “art” and not just technique has repeated that same sentence. Input = Output. I’d have to add one more thing to that…..you can input your fanny off into your brain but without the technique it’s Art Appreciation not necessarily Art Interpretation. You have to HAVE the crayon in your hand and learn what it can do. Thank you so many teachers, past and present, for teaching me to see with my eyes and interpret with my heart.

See what a simple road trip can do to me.


rosebud101 said...

That's a great post, Sharon! Very inspiring!

susanlambert said...

always hated driving in that!! waiting to see that bead....

Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs. Driscoll.
its been too long, we havent exchanged words in forever!

things are going great.
as you probably know, they closed pine lodge.
i was getting ready for my first day at LCC when i got a call from my mother, informing me that i was to be in court the next day, to court order me home.
i had an idea that i might have to come home early, but not that soon.

i had one day to go quit my job, drop my class, and say goodbye to all the awesome friends i had made in the lansing fellowship.

thankfully i had somewhere to go, unlike some unfortunate others in the house.
im living with my aunt in novi, which is going wonderful.
their home is beautiful and they couldnt be any more supportive.

thankfully mcdonalds tranferred me to another store close to home, so i am still working. (i like the frandor store much better)

ill be picking up again at OCC next semester.
so as of now im just working, going to lots of meetings, staying clean, having fun, and chilling with my family.

im interested in how youre doing, since the surgery??
i miss you very much and hope all is going well.
im sorry to hear about nokomis. that place saved my life, truly.

what are your career paths looking like now?
glad to see you havent stopped creating.
heres my email:


hope to hear from ya soon =D
-kevin b.