Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mallory - The Prequel

She is going to kill me for this - maybe - she has a sense of humor. I'm calling this a prequel because there WILL be a story forthcoming about the charming, talkative, self-assured, spiritual, kind, friendly, mother of two and special Mom to "Pixie" the wonder dog. She is worth many a story and interview.

BUT, in the meantime I have got to show you something. I SNATCHED (without permission - so this is where the killing me part might come in) a photo of a piece of Mallory's work. This particular work caught my eye immediately. It's interesting. I KNOW that key because I have one. In fact, everyone I have worked with has one. Tee Hee...I'm thinking there are a whole lot of kinky people who might have one. Oh my Miss Mallory! I know you are innocent. Really, everyone...please believe me here. REALLY, because she's taller and I think faster than me.

Have you all guessed yet? I never thought of using mine this way...and frankly it would be a great improvement because it's really very plain - mundane, when it's just hanging there amongst the other keys. Thanks Mallory, instead of returning mine I'm going to re-purpose it.

I might even wear it myself in case I ever feel the need to make a getaway.

Got it yet? Come on everyone. At least one of you has been locked in a set of them and needed one of these. Some of you are old hippies after all; and others, young rebels. You know - Peace/ Love/ Rock and Roll (Rap, ugh!). You still need this!

Buy this key and wear it on a nice chain. When the next police officer pulls you over for speeding ask him if he wouldn't mind loaning you his handcuffs for a moment because you want to see if your lucky key still works. I bet his (lets not be sexist - or her) face goes white to see a handcuff key dressed up so pretty with a bead. It's wonderful. I love it. I like Mallory too!

Next installment..."Mallory - The True Story."


rosebud101 said...

You are so naughty, Sharon!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Naughty, Mmmmeeeeee? Maybe a little. He,he,he. But you ARE a good sport and friend!