Monday, January 25, 2010

In the Color Range

So, it's not a road bead, yet. But I think I'm in the right color range. I've been tossing around the idea of felting some flower pins to go with my beads. I've done the wet felting before and I love making wet felt beads and felted soap so this is just a natural progression. It was Bethany Adams of Gwacie Beads that turned me on to the felted soap - she rocks as a beader and a person. She is the reason I have that great Etsy banner. I am such a rook and she is the Queen...From the felted soaps I moved on tot he beads and now to dry felting and some mixed media. See what I mean....if you can get a gwacie in your life she'll spruce you up and move on in a wonderful direction....

When I pulled out the bright blue felt to start I wasn't thinking about a potential color scheme for my pin. I just merrily began felting some petals. Fairly quickly I had this felt flower and realized that maybe it wasn't making me go BOOM BOOM POW. Damn it all!!!! I want it to pop. So now what........................................okay, when all else fails get out that tired out color wheel and check out where you're at. It looks like I was heavy into the analogous color scheme so I just went for it. I'm adding a very purplish seed bead into this mix and I think it's going to work out great. Maybe use the shining purple around the center bead in a branch pattern, or many in little single bunches. Now that the color where has so carefully guided by direction I can get to work.

How are you using your color wheel? I frankly have a hard time without. it must come from my days decade's ago working with Dave Barr. He was such an animal to color. So don't forget to answer the questions and show Me something spicy you are working on. Maybe we all need permission to have an inner-freak week!

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susanlambert said...

bright yellow seed beads. :-)