Monday, April 5, 2010

Feeling Square - Me Too!

Lately I've been working on my first tutorial. It's not that I don't have like a gazillion folders of information I could pass on. I teach fairly regularly at my favorite bead haunt - the Bead Weasel. But, this one is special so I'm going to offer it up for the world in a few weeks. I was a metalsmith long before I was a lampworker and I've never stopped making jewelry but these cross a line that both like. So attached is the teaser photo. Yes, changeable rings! Not necessarily these square rings but a full course in making rings AND making them changeable.

Stay tuned to MY ETSY! The universe willing it should be posted in about two weeks.


Lydia said...

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Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Thanks Lydia - Seems I have been missing in action lately. Working hard on beads for B&B and "stuff". Yes, definitely more posts are needed and thank you so much for the link.