Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finally, a bead post!

New beads….Not that this qualifies as my technique. These are all an interpretation of Michael Barley’s baleen technique which is so popular right now.

I’ve used some Double Helix glass (Khaos or Clio) under the clear (Aether) for the baleens, SIS stringers and some dicro shorts from ABS. I love the depth of these beads. It’s like looking into a flame or a galaxy. Reminds me of the best part of some of the Star Trek shows where you are flying through the universe and passing planets. I want to take that ride.

Top decorations (dots) were done with clear, ivory, or Oxblood with some murrini I made (those Loren Stump classes are grand). These beads are going to with me to Bead and Button for the Southeastern Michigan Beadmakers Guild (Glass Act) booth. I’m trying to make about a dozen to take with me.

I find these beads are challenging to do since I want to control the outcome and not let too much serendipity happen. To me, the solid rules I used drawing or painting continue to apply. It’s just a smaller canvas area, and if it doesn’t balance well within that area, or isn’t as coordinated in color/ or swipes of color as I want then it’s a bust. And then, I’m keeping in mind where I might want to put some surface decoration to pull some areas into others. It’s kind of like using discreetly placed trees to tie in sky and ground. Without them the horizon line can just be plain boring.

I don’t know if I managed the outcome the way I want but I certainly am trying.

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