Thursday, April 29, 2010

Metal is Magic

PMC/Art Clay is fun stuff – I’m a non-practicing certified instructor. But, I like working with wax and doing lost wax casting a whole lot better (FOR ME) than working with the PMC. They are both gloriously wonderful mediums but the wax sculpting prior to casting just trips my trigger.

If you were to make lists of pros and cons I would think they’d both equal out. It just depends on what type of immediacy you want with the finished product – and what type of sculpting you are in to. Since I like to work, and then rework a piece the wax is ideal. For someone else, my friend Susan Lambert (Susan’s Arts) for example, Art Clay or PMC fills a need for her technically and quickly. She works it for all it is worth.

Right now I’m working on some bead caps I can have reproduced, some funky disc’s fronts, and some handmade keys. Attached is a photo of lots of unfinished pieces I just recently cut off of the “tree” that was full of these little bits of silver to finish.

What I need are faeries who like finish work! Maybe the clay does have an advantage in that, after all.

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