Friday, April 23, 2010

Lost in Action - but having a great time!

This is a Woodland Faerie. This costume was fantastic and she was a darling. Writes beautiful children's books about Faerie's. Every day she had a new costume.

(Let her happen - Captain!)

What action you say-(none on this blog, for sure)! So, let's not even go into turning in my taxes on April 14th to the accountant. It is a good thing she likes me. I've been running for weeks.

What I want to show you is where I have been - besides doing the absolutely boring stuff. A good friend of mine, and artist, Sharon Berkan-Dent (Mystic Swan) was going to drive to Maryland alone for a conference. Well, this was not your usual conference us glass artists are used to. This was a meeting of the Guilds - The faeries and the renaissance groups. I decided to ride along.

What a blast. Not a small good time - a major one. What wonderful people. I'm not just talking about the presenters - Wendy and Brian Froud and others - but the vendors, conference attendees, the people from Faerie Magazine and Renaissance Magazine. I've done a lot of regular art shows in 29 years (and always enjoy them) but these people were fabulous.

It was like Halloween but better - no spooky stuff. A joyous array of costumes like I have never seen other than in the wonderful imagination and illustrations of the likes of the Frouds, Amy Brown, and others. And, they were everywhere - on almost everyone. Every place you looked was eye candy. Did anyone mind me taking photos? - absolutely not! They were delighted to pose. How unusual and wonderful.

If I get lucky enough to go again I'm making my own costume to wear. Now mind you, remember I am not like the lithe flighty faerie type - BUT - a friend and customer of mine, Cherie Smith (GlitterBug Originals) asked me to make teeth one year for her daughter's Halloween costume. Uh huh, you're getting the picture, right? Her lovely daughter Sophie was the tooth fairy. Cherie worked at patterning it after the Coinstar tooth fairy. And a lovely fairy she is. I think I could pull this off. I need Faerie Hair - lots of it (another story for tomorrow). A crown like Sophie's with teeth attached. A wand. A tooth bag. And, for me, a blackened front tooth. Oh, and the rest of the costume with wings too.

Are you digging this yet? Send me some ideas....

Look at this great costume above - She was a Steampunk Faerie. The wings were leather and the skirt and bodice had ornate brass cutouts. It was a beautiful work of art. And the bustier? You should have seen them all......I've never seen so many this side of a Victoria's Secret.

So enjoy the photos - I'll post more soon.

And beads too.


Janel said...

Oh! Oh! Pick me up on your way through next year!!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Oh Janel - You'd just love it!

angelinabeadalina said...

That looks like a helluva lotta fun! The Tooth Fairy idea sounds adorable, but I gotta tell you, you ought to be a Flame Fairy or Jewelry Fairy :-)

Sharon Driscoll said...

A Flaming Fairy - Hahahaha. Ang, I can picture the costume as we speak. Instead of burgundy and green silk I could have flame red, yellow, and orange. My dragon would spit fire like our torches! OH stop me, this is to much fun.