Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pumpkin's have personality too!

I couldn't wait to show you how this turned out so I took a down and dirty photo with my handheld camera Tah Dah - my pumpkin - still on the mandrel with some of the goober of pulling a quick stringer still on it. I like him. HHmmmmm, now what...ideas anyone?


Deb said...

Whaddaya mean 'now what'.lol!

He is perfect as he is...full of character & an absolute individual. I love him!

I can imagine him being used in all sorts of designs ranging from being nestled among lampwork leafs, through dangling from a seed bead worked rope or even a combination of long as it was anything BUT traditional in style ;)
This type of non conformist guy lends himself to unlimited possibilities. Talented you!!

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Good Girl - I need a kick in the pants! Sometimes I finish an idea and I just figure I wasn't thinking very far ahead and panic about how the heck am I going to find something to build around it to make a coheasive piece.

Your magination seems like it's right on target. I like the ideas of the I have to figure out how to get really viney looking things in there too.

Thank You - sometimes it just takes another persons view point to start you on the right track. I'm thinking too that maybe I can make some foldered copper leaves that look like pumpkin leaves....yup.

: - )

Thanks Deb for firing up some creative juiciness.jd And thank you for the compliment.

Deb said...

Heh! I just had to come back for another look at him. So pleased that I did ... Sharon how about some of those ├žurly tendril things that come off pumpkins - but just make them out of glass spiralled/coiled around the mandrel...or copper wire coiled.

Oh gawsh! Why is it so much easier to think of ideas for other peoples lampwork ???

Patty said...

Sharon, I *love* your critter!! Sooo much personality. Just curious - what lovely color is this? It has a very nice rosy glow.


Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Hi Patty, It's that old Tequila Sunrise. I tends to have a pinkish cast to it. Even the rods look like that - some more than others.