Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Count Down

I’ve been making holiday beads and working on the sewing machine. If I had a clone I could both at once – but, I don’t (darn). Yes, you knew if I left the sewing machine out on the table I was not going to leave it alone. So far I have one purse that is done and in need of a handmade button. Since it’s a tapestry fabric of teddy bears I’m thinking a paw print might be nice but I just haven’t decided yet. The pattern was an on-line PDF freebie from Lazy Girl Designs It is called Noriko (click on Noriko and it will come up!). It includes some very good directions – and I must say they are a whole lot clearer than some of the ones I just purchased from McCall’s. Lazy Girl has some great purse patterns to purchase too and when I get past Christmas I'll go back and pick some of those out to sew. Below is the purse photo from the pattern:

In the directions she states she wanted to create a purse that was easy and that all four sides were the same to cut out. It’s a real cutie and I love the original version she shows with the tassels hanging from the bottom with beads. It seats very nicely when you sit it down and for power shopping it looks like it will work well to hold the necessities instead of the kitchen sink I normally drape over my shoulder. Do we hear future rotator cuff problems?

This is my Teddy Bear Purse - without the great photography of the original and without a button for the front - YET! I made the straps longer so it can go over my shoulder and used an elastic hair tie for front instead of a ribbon. Call me practical.

I think it’s the tassel that drew me to the purse in the first place. I used to love doing peyote stitching around a silk store bought tassel. I’d add all kinds of loops and fringes from the stitching. They look great on ceiling fans or anything like that you have to pull a chain to turn on.

I think there are a lot of possibilities with this pattern and it would be great to take a few to an art fair. It would encourage the sale of handmade buttons.

And another great thing about this pattern…you are going to love the generosity of the artist. She has also given everyone permission to make the purses, teach with it, copy the pattern for that purpose, etc. What a sweetheart. I loved making the purse and I plan on making more – I have holiday gifts to get done. ACK, self-imposed deadlines…will I never learn!


rosebud101 said...

Sharon, that is a great purse! Will you be taking it to the B & B in June?
I want to see it!

Sharon Driscoll said...

For you Mallory - absolutely! Yes, I think you'd like it a lot. Do you sew? These would make super gifts and they work up so quickly.