Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

First, let me thank everyone for a wonderful 2010. My friends and customers have been an amazing source of inspiration, support, and a really warm woobie when I needed one. No one could ask for anything more. I’m a lucky gal. Just this week my buddy Mallory Hoffman mentioned me in her blog along with lampwork artists I adore. It is an honor.

While reading Mallory’s blog, Patty Lakinsmith's blog, and others I have noticed a – dare I say it – TREND – for the end of this wonderful year. Many artists have picked a word to aspire to for the coming year. Mallory chose the word “detail” (it’s a quality I have in obsessive abundance). Patty was far more loosely defined. She said if there were a word she could relate to it might be the word “release”. Those are very two great words and very diametrically opposed IMHO (in my humble opinion). I would frequently like to release my temptation to detail beads to death – but, the “devil is in the details” and often they can make a humble bead look pretty grand.

I’m not sure I have a resolution or a specific word to aspire to. At least I hadn’t thought it over much until I was perusing my favorite blogs. When I thought it over I could only come up with habits that ought to be ousted for 2011.

Uh, I know better than to frame my thoughts this way. You shouldn't dwell on what you don’t want to be doing. The best way to gain or replace a non-productive habit with a better one is to concentrate on framing it positively. For example there is the old stand-by: Replace I need to lose weight – with – I will get healthier this year. It is so boringly simple but the plain truth is everyone needs to surround themselves with positive thoughts to reach their goals, positive thoughts and positive/ supportive people.

I bet you are wondering what my positive phrase will be.

Mostly I think if I narrowed it down to one word – maybe it would be “focus”.

This year I should focus on finishing the project at hand. When I work on something it will often reach fruition in my head long before it reaches completion in my hand. That very inspirational “Ah Ha” is enough to stop me cold and I put the piece on a shelf for another day. I can only guess it’s like a scientist who finds his theoretical mathematical solution and has no need to see it’s application put into practical use. He knows the solution and THAT is enough. What an absolutely rotten habit to have – couple it with procrastination and sometimes I can be like Sleeping Beauty waiting for her prince to swoop in with a magical kiss. Yup, that’s me – laying there in total stagnating bliss with a smile on my face. Here prince, here prince. (Note: All my animals are female – prophetic, huh?).

So, for 2011 – Happy New Year!! – Sharon will be focusing on the finish line.

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