Sunday, December 26, 2010


That poop thing is an acronym for: propane/oxygen/oxygen/propane. It's how we turn on and off a metal smiths torch. Today is the rest up day from the holiday. It's also the day I wanted to do a whole bunch of torching but one quick trip down to the studio rendered that useless. I'm out of propane....that makes it poop in more ways than one. Tomorrow I'm on a mission to fill up the darn thing. Nope, I don't switch them out. I have a 40 pound pristine propane tank so I take it to be filled. Sorry this won't be a long post. I'm trying out an I-Pad and it's got a learning curve to it. I think I'll stick with a regular keyboard.

Best Wishes and I hope your Holiday was a wonderful one!


rosebud101 said...

Hope you're feeling all right?

Barbara Lewis said...

I bought the wireless keyboard for my IPad ... makes a world of difference! If it weren't for the acronym POOP, I probably would have blown myself up by now. LOL!