Saturday, December 18, 2010

Snowy Dilemma

This is one of those little quandaries you end up in once in awhile. I've been "doing art" since - well, the first major kind of art show I was in was when I was twelve. The bug bit and I never turned back. When it comes down to it I've done a LOT of art, in a LOT of mediums. This, I guess, is a good thing. I also designed wooden toys for my husband's business for 28 years+. I knew where to find the kind of supplies that most of the major chains can find and by the dozen, case, or thousands. So, while I was ordering for him I'd pick up some "notions" that were interesting to me to use with either the metalsmithing or bead making.

Here's the quandary - nothing is new. At least not much. So when someone resurrects something you've done before and have considered doing again - do you go ahead and do it again?

You're lost, right? Well, I really don't like feeling I'm going to step on any ones toes. I'm not a well known person - just a well practiced artist. Okay, let's just go there because it's just stupid to think you can sort this out without more information.

Ten years ago, maybe more- I purchased empty water/snow globes. I made them for friends and some family and filled them with little glass sculptures I made. They were incredibly cute and fun to do.

Now, one of my friends brought to my attention that a very wonderful person, and I might add a person I adore as a human being, is making snow globes. Hey, I think it's very very cool. She, of course, has had no idea that I've made them before - or that I have a stock of empty ones to fill. How could she. I have not done them in years. I worked a 40 hour work week for a long time and didn't have time - or inclination to get them out again. And, anyone who is up on the "Sharon life" knows the past two years have been especially busy and a struggle for this family. Hence, I concentrated on what was accomplish able in short spurts of time - the beads. Nothing fancy or involved - no big jewelry pieces - elaborate projects - nothing that I couldn't put down and pick up later like a bead crochet or Viking knit.

I most certainly haven't tossed the idea to the curb just delayed the next cycle.

So I think I should say something to this person who has discovered the joys of snow globes. I don't think so. We are both of quirky beadmakers with similar styles that have crossed before. Do I think I should go ahead and make some more globes? That is the quandary. I don't want to be accused of copying some one's style - or tramping on their current mojo. It doesn't feel good to be accused of doing that. I'm NOT doing that - but I haven't kicked the globes to the curb either.

Now what? My quandary is out there for suggestions. The timer has rung and the bread is ready. I'm going down to torch now.

Oh, and I'm not out of holiday cartoons yet either!


Jeri said...

Sharon, I think you should just make what you love, it will be yours, not someone elses. We are all swimming in the same creative soup so sometimes more than one of us has the same "happy" accident at the same time. Years ago I stopped trying to make hollow bead type snow globes because another artist was doing it. It was dumb of me, she went in many other vastly different directions, and I never found out where I would go. I can't wait to see what you make! Get going!! Jeri

Patty said...

My dear Sharon, you should make them! What if this other person had decided to make little round orbs of glass with a hole through the center? Been done before, right?

Jeri is right -it's a small world, and there's bound to be some overlap here and there. But I know that your take on the concept will be uniquely yours, and I'm excited like Jeri to see where you take it. There's plenty of room for everyone to put their own unique spin on these themes.

rosebud101 said...

Sharon, you are one of the few bead makers that I consider an artist. That is a rare compliment, believe me. I think you should go ahead and make snow globes. There is, literally, nothing new under the sun. Everything just cycles. I'm anxious to see your snow globes.

Sharon Driscoll said...

You guys make me blush - really! I did contact the other artist. She was as gracious as I would have expected her to be. We will both be making snow globes and I am just as sure as she is that they will be vastly different but with a common denominator - sparkly stuff. Thank You for the guys rock1