Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fun in North Carolina

One of the fun things we did while in North Carolina was to pan for semi-precious gems. We didn't know what to think about going to Emerald Village for the day - our preconceived notions and expectations were not terribly high. Much to our surprise we were joyously surprised. It was a riot and we spent hours sifting through our buckets for goodies. We found moonstones, garnets, little bitty emeralds, odd rubies, mica, aquamarine, and on and on. As you can plainly see by the photos it was wet, wild, and fun.

I even think I have a few pieces I can set into rustic jewelry pieces. You could have left them at the village for a genuinely nice lapidary person to make them into cabochons, but we decided to keep them "as is". Kate is going to use many of them in her water garden and everyone else is still deciding the fate of their gems.

Today I loaded up the kiln with clay and went to town to have my hair cut. Goodbye long locks! I also finally got to the mail and am pondering the glass conference information. It's the twentieth anniversary for the ISGB's Gathering. Tomorrow it's off to Traverse City to the dentist...gosh those appointments seem to come close together. I need torch time. Hopefully my schedule will be clearer after tomorrow.

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