Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Work - Finally!

And just when you thought I wasn’t working on any art…HA! I’m painting away on the new bisque work, trying out new glazes, and getting the kiln ready for some lampworking in between.

These are the new glazes – A Fog Gray, , and the usual Robin’s Egg (I just love that glaze), Green Float, and an Autumn something or other that comes up that speckled pottery red with purple. That last glaze is kind of spiffy.

New Bisque, sorry, no photo. I decided I’d try some pieces that had little compartments that I could put some “treasures” in and resin on top of them. When I do that – or maybe I’ll pull out some lampwork pieces made for that and I’ll put a little quickie tutorial on here about what I use and how I do it.

And, TAH DAH – My first experiment on molds of my originals. Now, whether this will work or not, we’ll see. It reminds me of casting with silver. First comes the original, then the silicone mold (which ends up smaller), followed by the reproduction casting which ends up smaller yet. It’s not a hugely discernable difference since it’s about 1-3%. When I used to work in PMC I always counted on the 50% plus shrink rate to make my pieces look like I’d done all of this itty bitty detailing. Sometimes the shrinkage can produce some great affects. Regardless of whether something has been molded it still has to detailed, cleaned, and in the case of ceramics – fired, glazed, and fired again. Not exactly a quick process despite the mold. It’s the nearly the same with casting metal. You just substitute patina, polish, tumble in place of glazing and firing.

Hmmmm. Why is it we are doing jewelry? I don’t remember painting having these many steps.


rosebud101 said...

My first comment didn't show! Wow! Woman, Wow!

Alice said...

Oh dear, you do know I'm on a bead diet, right? You're making it difficult to restrain myself.

At any rate, your beads are just gorgeous! Love the colors. And that mold is fabulous. I can't wait to see where it takes you.

Jean A. Wells said...

Love your beads. That is a fantastic pile of stuff to show for your efforts. It is still a mystery to me how you guys make molds and end up with a finished piece.

I particular like the little pumpkin looking bead in the center. Great job.

Sharon Driscoll said...

Thanks Guys!

I'd clue you in on the "mystery" Jean but I'm still a newbie on this clay journey.

Alice - a bead diet? Perish the thought...Bead and Button is coming up.

Stacey said...

Your work is beautiful!!! I don;t know HOW I have purchases any of your pieces before!!! Got my wish list going!! :)