Thursday, April 26, 2012

My friend Mallory and I traded some beads recently. Well, recently for me because I wanted to do a special bead for her. Mallory’s beads arrived a while ago but I resisted the temptation to open the package. I just plain decided to delay the gratification until I had reciprocated. Leaving the package where I could see it every day kind of drove me bonkers but unless I was going to be “on the ball” I refused to treat myself. Now isn’t that just the most self-flagellating thing you’ve heard lately, a bead person who can resist looking at her new beads? Well, the wait is over. My bud’s beads have affixed and I’m opening my package for everyone to see. Woot! Woot!

                                 Here we go and I'm so excited to finally open my package.

Here they are – Eggs and Bacon. You see, that is my favorite meal. I could eat it just about any time of day. It’s not that I’ve ever met a food I didn’t like but bacon – well, yummy stuff. Since Mallory was making these beads I thought a trade would be fun since she had a hankering for something I had. But, gheeze – look at the number of beads she sent! Holy Moley. I better get busy making some jewelry.

              I want to stamp some phrases to go with these. What “egg" sayings do you have?
                                                        So far I’m thinking:
                                                        Keep your sunny side up.
                                                        Bacon - The other white meat.

                                                         Thanks Mallory

    And be sure to check out For The Love of Beads - It's Mallory's blog and she's a very good writer.

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rosebud101 said...

You're welcome, Sharon. I love what you sent me!!! Thank you!!