Saturday, April 28, 2012

Retail Therapy

 Sometimes an artist just has to shop.  I think shopping is one of the greatest therapies of all - - - unless of course you are broke (and boy have I had those weeks).  When I'm broke window shopping will do the trick, or gallery hopping, or book stores.  Maybe it's just out and about I like the best.....hmmmmmm.

Anyhoo, while on trips to do errands - like doctor/dentist stuff I stopped in some of my favorite places to buy unusual things and some not so unusual places for some things I've been wanting to try.  Lets see, this past week I've hit up four small towns - including Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Joann's, a flea market at the Trout Festival, and Nawbin (a great bead store in Traverse City).
Most of these places you know so lets talk about Nawbin.  I've included a little picture of the sign - and photos from their site - but that doesn't tell you much.  Nawbin is a local Native American word meaning: to look, to see, to become what you are gazing at. The store opened in 1991 and has grown through several spots around town into its present location.  It's an old livery; turned store, that was built about 120 years ago.  It has it that coolness factor alone...and then you go inside.  Talk about a treasure trove.  There are so many things in there that you can pick through for hours.  And frankly - were else can I find horse hair, ceramics, leather, and all manner of eye candy in one spot.  Technically it's called Nawbin (Beads and Curiosities) - oh hell yeah.  If you are ever around these parts it's a great place to stop.  They're on line too! Just click on "Nawbin" and you'll be there.

Added to my stash, new hammers - very odd heads I've not seen before.  I will polish these up and get them back to looking like they can be used.  Files - whoo, they were at the flea market.  These are Swiss files - obviously bought at a garage sale somewhere and resold here....I paid a dollar a piece for them.  What a steal.  Just lots of miscellaneous stuff to play with - don't you agree? 

Look at the goodies in this stash - New sharp scissors, horn beads, inks, in the package are some huge corrigated brass beads. Drills, files, semi-precious stone chips - be still my heart!


rosebud101 said...

We have to go shopping together!

Sharon Driscoll said...

And boy, oh boy are we ever about to - - - - but you would love this store. It's a little like B&B all under one roof.