Friday, April 13, 2012

Kittens - 3 weeks Old

Yes, I'm an absolute sap. I knowingly admit to this and if I owned a farm it would be full of animals. My husband undoubtably would try to keep me in check but he wouldn't have an easy task on his hands.

Over the past couple of years I have befriended several generations of feral cats. Rarely could I get close enough to do anything beyond providing them with a little shelter outside and some food over the winter months. But, eventually I have been able to get close enough to pet the third generation - and now fourth.

Mostly they wander off - eventually to be seen here and there; and not often, but we now have two who stick around. One we have called Big Mama because she was the biggest of a litter, the one who was the most weary and always stood guard over the others while they ate first. I knick named her Moo-Moo. She is also the one who now comes in the house at will for petting and brushing and doesn't seem to mind the dogs at all.

She is also the one who had kittens in the garage three weeks ago. There are five little kittens. Two female - two male - and one to squirmy to identify yet. So far one is spoken for and as soon as the kittens are weaned Moo-moo is going for a trip to the vets to be spayed. We are on mission to try and stop the cycle. She's my babe and DH has relented on her being more often inside than out. LOL - He's actually a bigger softy than me but don't tell him.


Janel said...

Look at those beautiful eyes and fluffy loveliness! And, sorry, that doesn't mean I can take one. Hubby is allergic, especially to fuzzy kitties - or so he says. ;)

rosebud101 said...

So sweet!!!!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Yes, they are so hard to resist. Mo was so irritated with me she moved the kits a few feet away to behind an old kiln. Drats!..but they move back out when i stand there and coo...what a sap!

Jean A. Wells said...

What sweet babies. It is good what you are doing for them. It's okay to be a sap.

Jenny said...

Does it get any cuter than that! Wow!