Friday, June 6, 2014

It's June - Holy Cow - and new work!

We wanted summer so badly and now we are being carried off by hoards of angry mosquitos.  I finally sprayed the yard for the dogs sake.  We can't have those ticks and fleas bothering them.  Yes, they also get the regime of vet prescribed stuff but you want to make sure the bases are well covered. 

I've made some beads - you'll see them listed on the Etsy  I'm finally getting back to business.  Daisy has had a short reprieve as her muscles are catching up to her size.  No, unfortunately it doesn't mean she won't have to have surgery.  She is still in deep water there but because we have been careful she is walking and joyful.  We're trying to give her every opportunity to get into that adult body before we plow ahead.

As to the metal - yup, been playing around.  I've a few things that need finishing and I'll post as it goes but here are a pair of earrings I finished.  I wanted to see how a loop would do hung freely from a tab.  Pretty good.  Lots of freedom of movement.  Everything is all soldered up nicely - and I like the Amazonite chips woven around the edge of the hoop.  It just needed a little something.  I went through my chips and showed a friend a rose quartz and a mixed batch.  She laughed at the pink - she's so not a pink person.  So I went with the blue/green.

All sterling silver, nice oxidization, handmade earring wires, everything soldered so nothing is going to come "undone"
What do you think of this style?  I've been working on some new tin pieces too and some cast earring pieces to hang lampwork beads from.  I was interested in creating some original intermediate links for earrings. 
Yup, been busy - how is your summer going so far?
Hugs, Sharon

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Jean Wells said...

Oh, my, I love those earrings. They are so creative. I bet they do have a lot of fun movement to them. I love how you can solder the jump rings to the other silver.

Glad to see your shop filling up again. I'm heading there now.