Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Missing All the Fun...

I'd show you all the paper plates of clay components - and might do that tomorrow when I load up the kiln - but for now I'm going to post some images I found.  Why, oh why don't we have anything fun like this in the Midwest of the United States?  I don't know the answer to that and it's a bummer.  This looks like fun - at least as much fun as Faerie Con and the paint is simply amazing.  Would I fly Austria to see this?  In a New York minute if I could afford it.  But, bummer...not going to happen unless the lottery comes along.  LOL  In the meantime here are a few images from the show and I guess I'll just have to settle for seeing the cute kids with their faces painted up at the art shows (smile!).  They are so cute wandering with their parents at a show.

Isn't this one simply amazing?  What a brave soul she is and I wonder if it tickles to be painted up like that.

Isn't this just delicate and feminine for a skull image?  Just beautiful!

Can you imagine how this would look in the dark - so cool!

Well, that's all for today.  HHmmmmm, maybe there are some color possibilities for some lampwork here.  There are a ton more images to see - just google World Body Painting Competition and they will come up.  It's just fascinating.

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