Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Where to put my hearts...

I signed up with my friend Susan for a fall bead show.  That's what the calamity of work is about - all those bits and pieces.  I think I told you this.  Anyhoo, so I'm making these hearts on a hanging wire.  Love them - they are smallish and could even be used for earrings, uh, if there is a matched set in the batch.  Although my favorite use for them is at the end of a stack of beads.  The last drop, the dangle - the finish.  TAHDAH!  Take a bow.

So I have all these little hearts and I'm working on more but I wanted something to put them in at the show.  I guess I could just go to the dollar store and get a little something.  That might actually be the prudent thing to do.  Hah, prudent - nope, not working for me - yet - instead I did a pinch pot bowl.  I tried really hard not to make it too big.  This isn't a huge bead show and although hearts are my thing they aren't everyone's so I didn't want to have to make like a hundred of these hearts so the bowl looks full.  LOL, and then sell three.  Oh Gosh, I hope I can sell more than three.  So far there are 24 of then and that's not enough to fill the bowl.  What if I only sell one?

Need to stop that before I hyperventilate or freak out or something.

This is my little bowl - it's still pretty rough.  And I've added little ball feet to the bottom.  I'm thinking a bright yellow interior and maybe some hearts on the outside but I might leave them the natural color of the bowl and paint around them.  But, it needs to be a simple design - it's smallish and I'd like people to notice the hearts and not the bowl.  Maybe that dollar store bowl wouldn't be all that bad - NOT!


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Cool, Sharon... a custom bowl :) The hearts would look neat on hangers around the edge also :)

Sharon Driscoll said...

That is a great idea Monique. I can make some little hooks and hang them off of edge. I better get "making".