Friday, July 11, 2014

OMG, I'm a GEEK!

I'd of never thunk it!  But then I looked at the facts.

1. I love the Syfy Channel

I never was a Trekkie but when they started get smarter, scarier (Alien), and CGI entered the picture I caved BIG.   Although Sharknado doesn't do it for me there seems to be a gazillion shows that do.  To be fair I probably come by this naturally.  My father could not get my mother to go to "scary movies" when I was a kid and I was tapped to be his "plus one".  I got popcorn, pop, and nightmares!  LOL - We weren't as smart about kids imaginations as we are now.  I even worked at a theatre as a teenager.

2. Super Hero's are the BOMB!

Really Sharon?  Really? - Yup, love them.  Tortured souls who seek to right the injustices of the world.  And better yet if they are the brooding and smoldering kind - complicated.  Okay, shoot me - I'm married, too old for that, but not dead!  Even the non-hero's like Captain Flint and Captain Vane in "Black Sails".  Have you seen that series yet?  A-hoy matey.

3. I'd be a Zombie in a Zombie walk if there were one close to me. 

I don't know where I'd get the paint or who does that for them but it looks like a hilarious way to spend an afternoon. I already have a lock on the walking weird part (arthritis and stuff is a big aid to walking like a zombie, who knew). Again, I'm not dead but it would be fun to play "undead again"  for a couple of hours.  Hello, Walking Dead?  Need a zombie?  I'd do it for paint job.

4. I read Science-Fiction.

Yup, do that too!  It's not the only thing I read but after seeing Black Sails I reread the original Treasure Island too.  Outer Space - Historical make believe - I've always loved an interesting story that takes me out of "normal" for a while.  Ah, I even loved Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instrument series.  I love a good vampire, werewolf, and whatever else have you that's a well woven story.   And, yes, George Martin and his Game of Thrones series is already under my belt too.  Dragons - - - - oh hell yes!

I doubt this purging of information begins to cover my geekiness completely.  And, I'd love to see Comic-Con.  Would I fit in?  Probably like a sore thumb but it wouldn't stop me from enjoying the hell out of it.  Oh, and I taped the whole season of Supernatural - I'm saving it for a binge watching session - I adore those boys.
Uh, so I'm flying that freak flag today - GEEK and proud of it!  What's your thing, aside from being an artist?  Are you feeling just a little geek too?

Go Forth and Prosper!
and have a great weekend.
Oh crap, maybe I did learn quite a bit of Star Trek stuff - I do a good Vulcan sign too!

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