Sunday, July 27, 2014

Visits to the Ann Arbor and Bay Harbor Art Fairs

Gosh, I have to say I miss doing these fairs.  They're hard work, for sure, but also the excitement of being around other artists and seeing the eye candy is hard to beat.  This year our daughter met us there with our new little bundle of joy - AJ. He is a trooper - no crying - ate lunch, laughed, slept. 

Ann Arbor is the home of University of Michigan.  It's a fun place to go - as you can see from the father and daughter portrait.

I'm sorry I did not write the artist's name down.  These were fascinating and textural despite being glass.
I did see an interesting use of what looked like float glass - window glass.  These sculptures were made out of thousands of cut pieces.  Several were over six feet tall and they just glistened in the sun.  For all of us glassy types it was quite an interesting use of those pieces....another recycling alternative.

This Saturday we attended the Art Fair at Bay Harbor in Petoskey, Michigan.  Here are some scenes from there.  Petoskey is a beautiful town on the shores of Little Grand Traverse Bay.  It's beautiful, it's arty beyond reason.  Lots of galleries and fun things to explore.

Since my father was a Navy man and had his own boat I am drawn to the water.  We lived close to Lake St. Clair where he kept the boat.  So it's especially fun to me when we get up to Petoskey and I see all of the great old boats and new very "cool" ones.  Having the art show right there on the water is always an interesting way for me to blend my love of quirky towns, art, and water.  Whoo Hoo.  Here are a few scenes from the fair.  Again - no real photos of anyone's work - I should have asked a few but didn't.  And look at the little cars that people drive around the Bay Harbor community.  Too fun!  And the fancy boats in their private docks - what treasures they are.

I'm not feeling miserable as an artist but I do think there are good times when reminding yourself what to avoid is a good idea.  I'm bringing it up because we saw an old friend and colleague while at the art show.  At one time he was making art he loved - he didn't wait it out and moved to being a showman kind of artist.  He'd put up these huge canvases on a stage about two feet up and slap acrylic paint on them with a palette knife.  He's personable and showy and the paintings (which are generally landscapes in nature) are just - well - ugly.  They do not represent his talent or any care for something that has that intangible feeling of coming from someone's soul.  Listen to me - like I am the bearer of knowing good art from bad...LOL.  Anyway, they sell - to whom I am not sure.   Like I said - I am not the bastion of all things art where I get to point a finger and say you're an artist and you're not!   But, I felt quite a ping of sadness for him and maybe for myself too so I decided to pass on this Don't list. 
I hope you've had some great weekends - I know I have.

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Lela said...

I would love to attend more art fairs...I guess I just need to make it a priority.

Just spent a week at a state park with my daughter on a painting retreat. We have these art retreats about once a year & it's always great to have focused time on projects. I feel for that painter too. :-/

And AJ is *PRECIOUS*!!!