Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Artistic License

Well here we go - it's that time of the year when we haven't even gotten to winter and we are already talking about the Spring 2015 colors.  The link above will take you to an interesting Pinterest board.  Plenty of color Inspiration on there for sure.
Then there was this interesting tidbit I from JCK Magazine - it was posted on October 6, 2014.  I just skipped to number ten because it's one of those things that just needles the crap out of me.  Remember my favorite book, "Steal Like an Artist."  I just love that thing.  And here is an real live example of it:
Fashion Trend Report: 10 Spring 2015 Clothing Trends Jewelers Must Know and Why
"10. Artistic Inspirations

The phrase artistic license was well used during the spring shows. Isabel Marant was inspired by the graphic works of painters Joan Miró and Antoni Tàpies to make tribal prints, Andrew Gn dreamed of Monet in painted water lilies that were digitally modified, and Derek Lam 10 Crosby found enlightenment in collage artists Fred Free and Sigrid Sandström in bonded crepe jackets “evoking Free’s and Sandström’s use of masking tape or gesso,” according to Style.com. Go-to jewelry should feature playful color combinations—think of rainbow-in-a-blender-like outfits from Chanel—metal-intense looks for balance or  pieces with pops of color taken from prints. "

Yup, you don't have to tell me.   We all get our inspiration from somewhere, albeit from masters, friends, instructors, color charts.   Makes me just chuckle to no end.  Can you imagine Manet or Renoir in a snit with Monet because they were doing similar things?  How about all those cubists?  Are you rolling your eyes yet?  Eventually everyone ends up adding their own twist on it - although some things are just universal and that is simply the way it is.  But it never fails to amaze me how much people can get their knickers in a twist over something "familiar" in someone else's work.  That's why number ten on the JCK list was so fascinating. 

I made some glass beads today.  My friend Susan Lambert taught me the style.  Will they look similar? - you betcha....and probably like about a dozen other people including the Chinese knock off kind too.  Susan wants me to show her what I come up with using this technique...no problem.  I'll take a photo tomorrow to show her so we can talk about it.  Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could play so well? 

Wow, that is so not going to happen.

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