Monday, October 27, 2014

Grand Haven Adventure

Well you know some of my friends and I took the Gerry Lewy class at Julie Sanford's Studio in Grand Haven.  Julie is a gem of person and a talented artist.  Her studio is a gallery, a store, and a working studio with classes.  It was the first time I had been to her studio and hopefully it won't be the last.  

Rather than talk about the class - I'll add more information about that tomorrow - let me tell you about Grand Haven and tomorrow I want to show you why you'd enjoy a class at JSD Studio. 

Grand Haven is one of those sleepy towns in the winter.  Everything calms down after Labor Day - the tourists go home, kids start school, and everything winds down.  It's called home to the US Coast Guard.  You should see these guys train out there some times.  I've been on vacation and seen training sessions on Lake Michigan - fascinating stuff how they handle the surf out there. 

This is a brief glimpse of town.  Typical small town but very active - several galleries and tons of great places to eat.
I loved the décor of Morning Star Café.  It's only open for breakfast and lunch.  The place is packed and the food would a foodie proud.

Don't you love the bench outside of the café?

This is what Grand Haven is famous for - it's great lighthouse and pier.  You can walk out there and the sunsets are incredible.
Sandy beaches and the dunes aren't far away. 

Since we were there for four days we visited town regularly.   The Maruska (Michigan Rag Company) store was wonderful - ah the T-shirts.  All hand designed and silk-screened.  The Morning Star Café could stand up to the pickiest of foodies - the food was wonderful and fresh and I didn't see a plate go by that wasn't great.  We ate at JW's which was on the corner just past the studio and never had a bad meal there either.  So many nice places to go.  And Fortino's Gourmet Market - wow - it's a good thing we ate before we went in there.
Grand Haven is worth the trip - add the class with Gerry Lewy and Sanford Studios and it's a heck of a treat.  One of those destination trips.

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