Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tumbled and not Ironed

Yesterday I mentioned the technique that Susan had talked to me about.  I don't have a lot a cute frit around here.  Nothing really light, happy, and airy.  But I did have some interesting frit from Glass Generations and Val Cox Frits and so I charged ahead.  This is the result of my experiment.  I do think I could take some nice "shorts" (leftover tiny pieces of lampworking glass) and make some nice mixes for myself.

Eh, nothing to write home about.  They're okay.  They're nice sized but not remarkable.  I tumbled these in 800 grit in a very large tumbler for about six hours.  Uh, I expected more frost and didn't get it.  Tomorrow I might toss them into the chemical etch.  I do think a quick buff on a polish charged jewelry wheel will improve the look of that silver trailing too.