Friday, October 10, 2014

One "Happening" in the busy month

In Michigan there is a very strong group of beaders.  Actually, both beadmakers and beaders.  Bi-Annually the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild holds their bead show.  It's always fun and jam packed with beads you can buy.  And aside from the show the guild has an all volunteer group that is just fantastic to work with.  Just the nicest, most welcoming group you'd ever want to meet. 

Susan Lambert and I have participated in this show off and on for years.  We participate as "Glass and Such".  Mostly we do this because we are!  I bring the ceramics and we have some jewelry and occasionally we have a bargain bin for whatever is left from projects.  We haven't done the show in years.  Susan moved to NC and I've never had the stock to fill a booth on my own.  This year, with Susan working for the airline, she said, "Let's go for it."  Bless her heart in the best of ways since this was a long flight, and lots of work on her part.  Me - I got up at 3am to make the drive and work on my end but not like Susan had to.

Did I make a little money - yes!  Did I have a lot of fun after a busy month - YES! and it was priceless in it's value.  Our booth was by great old friends called "Fire Foxes Glass".  They are members of the Southeastern Michigan Beadmakers Guild - SMBG - or better known in the Bead and Button community as GLASS ACT.   Denise Billups-Walker, Joy Cichewicz and Kathleen Robinson-Young took me under their protective wing, as the member who moved north, a long time ago - and I love them dearly for it.  I was a fish out of city water up here forever.  I've shown with Glass Act at B&B for many years.  Those friends are grand - and fun - and best kind of friends you could ever want.  You know the kind, you pick up right where you left off when you last saw them.  And let's not forget Candy Orow and there are so many others.  Google the group and I'm sure you can find everyone.

Here are some photos from that show.  As soon as I can I will pump up my Etsy store with stock - some I had left here and some that was from the show and didn't find a home.  Beautiful pieces but not what the customer was looking for.

Cindy Orow, Joy Cichewicz, and Susan Lambert

Susan talking to a customer

Candy and Denise Billups-Walker talking to a friend

The "Glass and Such" booth at GLBG
More to come at a later date about my friends and their work and mine.
Have a great day!


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