Sunday, October 19, 2014

Home Sweet Home - And More News

Since we're talking about Home Sweet Home's and how I will always be a Detroit girl let's spill the beans on some of the news. It looks like it is now written in stone and we will soon be ready to begin a new adventure.

One set of our children lives in North Carolina. You know that because you just got to see the "Driving Miss Daisy" post. While we were down there we did out second house hunting expedition. My preference was for a place either in Asheville, Arden, or Black Mountain. Dream on....we looked at 20 houses. The only one we saw that would work for us and more importantly was in our price range was under contract. It was also built in the '50's. That part didn't bother me but it had a steep drop off in the back - I really liked it and the dogs would have been happy campers. My son suggested we stop looking in that area and consider living closer to them. We'd get more for our money then. It's not as if we haven't lived close to one another before. He lived in the town close by - a mere 15 minute drive so this is old hat to us. I will hate, just hate - leaving two sets of kids here in Michigan but it's time for Mom and Dad to grow up and move onward.

Asheville will be a quick 30 minute drive from the house. Hallelujah, I can get to a mall and major shopping in less than an hour and a half. And art - whoot whoot - there's a museum - there are galleries - there's a college - and lots and lots of things to do. And, the climate is warmer. DH has needed to be warmer for a long time and Michigan winters up north are just a killer. Unless you can ski, ride a 4-wheeler, a snow mobile, and so on it can be a real drag. He can't do those particular things anymore. So now we will find new things.

It won't be a quick move. It will probably take most of the winter. And then we have to get this house in Michigan back in shape to get it on the market. Looks like this will a process rather than an event. And so it begins, the packing. The purging and trips to Goodwill. Right now I'm in two classes - My favorites - silver fabricating and casting. I'll get some pictures this week to show you what we're working on. Making art hasn't stopped with this new wrinkle. Frankly, it's probably what will keep me sane through all of it. I even have a very special class coming up. Studio JSD in Grand Haven has Gerry Lewy (the cyber-setter) coming in for a workshop. I've signed up with three friends for that class. I'm a barely passable gem setter. A royal rookie and I'll still be a rookie after this class but I might have more of an idea of what I'm doing. I'd like to include a few into some of the designs I working on but I can't do that if I don't know how to set the buggers. There's a line out the studio door for this one, ten in the class and a long waiting list.

This is one of Gerry's lessons on U-Tube.  He has quite a few.

Anyone have any moving tips for me?  Advice is most welcome here.  Have a wonderful Fall Day......


rosebud101 said...

No tips. Just get rid of everything.

Sharon Driscoll said...

LOL Ms. Hoffman - right after I hit that lottery and then I can shop all over again for all of it. Oh, oh, maybe I could just call in a designer and have them make everything "Sharon" lived-in look. Doesn't cost to dream, huh? Are you suggesting someone I can send it all to?...I'm not sure I can afford that kind of postage. And what's the story behind that boo boo on Pixie's nose?

Patty said...

Good luck with the purging and packing and moving, Sharon! I've been in the Asheville area and it is vibrant - you will love it. xo