Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hurry Spring

Some of these flowers I might make into pendants (like the largest one), undecided yet!

March 1st The date means that there is hope for spring. As in...hurry up, snow melt, trees blossom, things. As soon as I can forecast winter’s demise I start making flowers, lots of glass flowers. A few can be seen on Etsy and I make them in every size shape and form. Today’s photos include the one that I wear most often. It’s an “Audrey” flower (named for the flower in the Little Shop of Horrors) and she has the most wonderful salivating Mick Jagger lips and tongue! I am casting those lips again and doing a production run of them sooner or later because what's not to love about lips like that! To me they’re the perfect compliment to my juicy Audrey.

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