Friday, March 21, 2008

My Torch Runnith Dry

Here I am with my "storming" brain and I run out of propane for torching. If we were a 24 hour city (and I do so love cities) I'd go and fill it. At least I'd like to fantasize that if I "lived urban" the world would be at my finger tips. It's a true case of the grass is always greener...Amen.

Unfortunately, or not, there aren't "eye candy" photos of my new work so I surfed around and found some. These are links to two great blogs I find inspirational when I can't create in an experiential form (should read - messy, all consuming, passion infested frenzy) I let my eyes consume and my heart digest as many images and eye candy as they can can take. Doing that, for myself, has kept me vitally involved in the college of life long learning. / And, it usually means the inspiration will evolve and new works derived from those quiet moments of study. Information out. Sounds a little like a bathroom analogy too because sometimes what comes out "ain't all that great".

With that, I'll take my leave and you can go and look at the better inspiration on those sites rather than remain with the 'toilet image' I conjured up for you.

Happy surfing. Sharon

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