Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Skulls?

It's time to rest, post, and have a cup of tea. It has been entirely to hectic this week. Gosh, you know how it is, run until you drop but "U Git Ur Done". We (DH & I) packed for Chicago, well Naperville and Wonder Lake. We're heading out in the morning for a class with Trey Cornette and a visit with darling daughter, Kate.
The tea is hot and Celestial but I'm really thinking of checking out The Tao of Tea The site is interesting and I'm sure the tea will be fit for a King - or a Queen who needs to 'slow her roll'. Who says teenagers never get anything right! They may not know the tale of Sisyphis but they CAN quote the concept to you when you look like death warmed over.

The beads in my still life - about the only thing still in my life - are going up for sale on My Etsy site over the next couple of days. Spring Skulls! Personally, I think they'd look good on one of those new peasant blouses and in any spring color.