Thursday, March 13, 2008

Off to Teach Resins

Last year, my artsy business partner, Susan Lambert and I taught at Lapidary Beadfest Philadelphia. It has been an annual event for us for several years running, less this year's break. We always design these great projects to be fun and current with what's new and trendy in the jewelry world. Along with this I try and demo these projects at our local guild meetings, when at all possible, as they have always been so supportive of our artistic efforts.

Tomorrow I'll be teaching one of our favorite Beadfest classes to date...Resins!

Resins are a great medium to work in. I love to combine it with other things, silverwork and beads. If you like this type of mixed media you should check out the work of Susan Kazmer Lenart . She has just published a great book on working with mixed objects and she's working on another, a must have for me. It's going to all about resins and she certainly had a unique way of integrating them into her work.

Off to pack for class. I really have to be better organized.

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