Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hurry Spring!

I've been on the torch most of today when I wasn't being lazy, daydreaming, and going through garden catalogs. It's Michigan and the temperature is fluctuating moment by moment. The joke here for all of us Michiganders is, "If you don't like the weather...wait ten minutes". How true it is. But, I can smell it and feel it and see the colors. Spring is coming and all that cold flaky stuff is going to melt. I know there's a good joke in that line about a wicked witch but I'm just to happy thinking spring colors. Annealing right now are flowers and, sorry...I just can't do beads without skulls and bones. Maybe I better do some spring skulls, BINGO, ding ding ding, idea!!! Stay tuned, check back, come again....it will take me a couple of days but while I was writing this down a light bulb went off. I love it when THAT happens. Short of winning the lottery it's as good as it gets. These "Garden Discs" are newly listed on my Etsy site today. I guess I'm thinking green all the way around...hahaha.

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