Saturday, April 19, 2008

An Extraordinary Store for “All Things Handmade”

I realized that I've been talking about Etsy (Right Turn ArtWerks) and maybe some of you haven't heard of it before. The best way to describe Etsy is it’s an online co-op of handmade goods. Each artist creates and maintains their own Esty shop. The place really has its own lingo too and I'm still learning everything. It's fun and very professional. You can shop ‘til you drop using a variety of methods they call Pounce, Time Machine, Treasury, Showcase or in the usual way by categories or keyword searches. They have a forum and chat rooms too. You can find some cool and amazing things there. If there is a trend they will probably have it first. I also added an Etsy Mini to this blog so you can check out my store. Click on any picture and it will take you to an item I have for sale or just click the link above. The cool thing about the Etsy mini is that when I add a new item to my store the mini automatically updates itself.....freaky!

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Your lovely daughter ;) said...

Psss... I like the new addition on Etsy: Dotted Spring Floral Earrings. "Beady," but still a bit plain janey (like me).