Friday, April 25, 2008

A Rose by Any Other Name

I look like an everyday mother of three, grandmother to one. BUT, I think and speak “odd duck”. I come by this naturally. Maybe it was a slight shift in the gravitational pull of the universe when I was born. A paradox, you ponder? Ponder not, I’m heavily right brained. So much so it’s a miracle I don’t walk around in a spiraling right arc. Thinking outside the box; piece of cake, coloring inside the lines…very difficult for me. You get the picture (always a visual reference).

I’ve chosen the name Right Turn ArtWerks to represent my business. It does that very well if you understand “odd duck speak”. Let me explain. My mother was an extremely talented person. She didn’t think so because to her it was just what you learned and did. What she learned and did was to knit, crochet, sew, cook, and keep spit shined floors. And, lah de dah, she raised me. No easy task in the sixties. Later in life she took up painting and driving!!!

Her pride and joy was her first new car. One of the first automatic VW Bugs off the production line. It was baby beige, and cute as a button. She took driving lessons and passed the test with flying colors. Dad, Bubba, and I were so proud of her. Immediately after that driver’s license arrived though she had other ideas. Turning left into the Detroit area traffic is no joke. So, she decided not to do it. Can you imagine that? In fact, from decision day forward, she drove everywhere by turning right. Think about it, you can do it. She pretty much lived her life by doing things right. Be brave in the attempt if not the accomplishment should have been her motto. Do it “right” or don’t do it at all. It was like a familial challenge and an inside joke about Mom, and now it will always be that way.

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