Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pushing Up Daisies

This pendant is part of a continuing series of beads I am making. The imagery of skulls is something that has always tripped my trigger (so to speak). No, I'm not morbid. It relates back to collecting them since I was little. My parents and relatives started the whole thing, an attempt I'm sure, to get me interested in biology. A subject I simply abhor. No human skulls, really! Just a ton of other naturally deceased critters in a collection I still have stashed away. Good reference material, I tell myself.

I got the inspiration for the pretty girl to the left from a recent post on Lampwork, etc. (a forum I regularily frequent). I posted the other skulls to their gallery area and one of the artists said her teenager (who usually ignores her mother's work - don't they all!) saw them and commented, "Hey, it looks like they're pushing up Daisies." An idea born.

I expect to make more of these so I'm keeping the prototype for myself. I'm still pondering if I want to hang my pendant from a bone bead or all by itself.

Any suggestions for this pendant, or any "skull" ideas will be gratefully accepted...Sharon

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