Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lost and Found

Lost, an opportunity to show my work. Missed, the Fire and Ice Show in Traverse City due to a conflict with my work schedule (such is life). Found, interesting information via a blogger on the legalities of arts and crafts. This is no philosophical debate on “copying” someone else’s work. What is written is factual information by an attorney who specializes in arts and crafts law. Way cool, huh? It’s fascinating! Check this site out yourself: Arts and Crafts Law. One of the things (I think) I understood from reading it is: I can use or post things that are common/public domain but not new/proprietary.

I think I am safe (common/public) if I list The U.S. Copyright Office, as was done on her blog, you want to check out what Uncle Sam has to say in regards to the proverbial “artistic license.”

Have a great day…and lose nothing of importance.

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