Saturday, April 5, 2008

Let The Sun Shine In

See Ya REX! It's sunny here. Not as sunny as it is for my friend Susan Lambert ( but it looks great to me.

I've been watching Rex for months now and waiting for the day of his demise. I even thought a bunch of artists could jump the fence he was kept in, build a fire, and dance naked with beautiful ribbons around him. Like a maypole. For a visual person that's a pretty interesting image (especially if you KNOW me). There's no need to mock Rex though. Spring did the "dirty" for us and he's lost his head.

Now, about that BFF Susan. The rat fink is in Florida vacationing and if you get a chance go to her Etsy store
( and click on all her items (buy something too!). It'll drive her that she's not at home to respond. And for me, it's a tiny pay back for her telling me when the plants bloomed in North Carolina!!!

Tag - you're it!

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